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Principal Engineer: Camren Spangler

Camren Spangler is Innova Product Development's owner and Principal Engineer. He has over 16 years experience designing medical, communications, broadcast, Pro A/V and aerospace equipment. He graduated Summa Cum Laude with an Honors Bachelor's of Science degree in Computer Engineering from Oregon State University. He spent 5 years as a design engineer and engineering manager at a top medical device manufacturer engaged in producing communications equipment for operating room suites. He has successfully managed the design and launch of multi-million dollar design projects and is a leader in the development of new audio, video and communications technology.

In 11 years as Innova Product Development's Principal engineer he has contributed on designs of products and proof of concepts for a variety of A/V, communications, and control system products. He has worked on designs for audio and video routers, processors, converters, and transmission devices, X-Ray fluoroscopes, bio-impedance measurement systems, semiconductor scanning electron microscopes, and several specialty cameras for aerospace.


Senior Design Engineer: Jonathan Liu

Jonathan has a M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of California San Diego and has over 12 years experience developing and testing FPGA and PCB designs in various aspects of the communications industry. Some of the highlights of his work include multiple FPGA DSP designs for RF communications and PCB design of test fixtures for use on systems designed to go on satellites and X-Ray Deflection systems.


Outside Resources:

In addition to our in house team, we can tap into a network of design professionals to meet the needs of our clients. Whether it is PCB design & layout, FPGA development, firmware development, prototyping and troubleshooting, or other more specialized needs we can put you in touch with the right professional to handle your project.